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Jung's Red Book with Diane Haug and Monika Wikman

28 september - 3 october 2014
The module of Grof Transpersonal Training in Russia "Jung’s red Book” will be held in Moscow, Park Drakino on September 28th - October 3d, 2014. This is an optional module of the program for those who are preparing to become a certified practitioner and a great opportunity to dive into the inner journey for those who are interested in self-exploration. 
The module will be held by Diane Haug and Monika Wikman and international GTT team: Jean Farrell (Ireland), Holly Harman (UK), Debbie Dunning (UK), Vladimir Emelyanenko (Russia), Alexandra Emelyanenko (Russia), Natalia Zgonnikova (Russia). The module will be in English with sequential translation. 

This GTT module is for:
-Those who are planning to become certified in Holotropic Breathwork™ and use this method as professional tool (read more about GTT program);
-Those who use Holotropic Breathwork™ for self-exploration, inner transformation and therapy and would like to undertake their inner journey in a retreat format with the best GTT facilitators from all over the world;
-Those who are already certified and aim to continue their personal and professional growth

We will have an exciting, creative journey with the "Red Book" - the world of archetypes, dreams, myths, shadows, symbols, alchemy, astrology and individuation of Carl Gustav Jung. First introduced in 2009, the "Red Book" is considered perhaps the "most significant unpublished work in the history of psychology". This masterpiece embodies a long period of Jung’s self-exploration, which he describes as "confrontation the unconscious." The module includes an overview of the central themes of C.G. Jung, power and importance of his own spiritual crisis, a number of empirical practices, including Holotropic Breathwork™, active imagination of C.G. Jung, art, writing, dream work, film, meditation and movement. This is a wonderful opportunity to have a personal, living experience of Jung's most ground-breaking contribution. The workshop will become the ‘alchemical vessel’ for your own deep personal exploration, integration, and growth. 

Module refers to additional, the practice part includes 4 Holotropic Breathwork™ (2 as breather and 2 as sitter). The module provides an opportunity for a really deep inner work. It is open for those who are not going to become a certified practitioner. The prior experience to participate in the workshops of Holotropic Breathwork™ with certified practitioners is mandatory. 
The module will take place in Moscow, Park Drakino hotel. 

During the module individual consultations, required for certification, can be held with GTT trainers if scheduled in advance. One-hour consultation price is 50 Euro. To take part in this module you need to send us your application to mail@groftraining.com. We will send you the payment and registration information (medical form, payment details). If you have any questions, call us +7 (926) 318-2000. If your call is not answered for some reason, we will call you back later. 
The earlybird price for foreign participants is 1200 USD if payed before September, 10th and 1400 USD if paid after September, 10th. 
The price includes participation fee, 3 buffet meals per day, coffee breaks and accommodation in double-standard room from September, 28th (check-in from 9.000) till October, 3d (check-out before 15.00) - 5 nights. Extra-night stay should be paid additionally, 82 USD per night in roubles. The actual price may differ according to the exchange rate. 

When planning your arrival, please note that on September, 28th we start at 10.30, and on October, 3d finish at 13.00. 

Welcome to Russia, we will be glad to meet with you in September at GTT module!