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"Meeting with the Shadow" - GTT Russia Holotropic Weekend workshop in Rostov-on-Don

28 - 30 march 2014

"Meeting with the Shadow" - new Holotropic weekend workshop by GTT Russia in Rostov-on-Don. Holotropic Breathwork ™ uses advanced therapeutic potential of holotropic states of consciousness that open access to the deepest areas of the psyche. This allows you to meet with shadow aspects at all levels and integrate them with complete and non-judgmental support. 4 sessions of Holotropic Breathwork will be available, Friday evening lecture is free. Dates: March, 28-30, location: yoga-studio "Svet". Facilitating: Vladimir Emelyanenko, Alexandra Emelyanenko, technical and musical support by Alexey Shyokin. For more information, please contact us via e-mail: mail@groftraining.com