Spiritual emergency: Embracing unexpected transformation with Tav Sparks and GTT staff

12 - 17 march 2016

12-17th of March the module of Grof Transpersonal Training in Russia "Spiritual emergency: Embracing unexpected transformation” will be held in Moscow, Park Drakino. The module will be delivered by Tav Sparks, the Grof Transpersonal training director.

At the module we will look at the concept of “spiritual emergency” - a spontaneous leap in personal development that intervene into everyday life of a person as well as into his/her network of professional and personal connections. The “spiritual emergency” concept was introduced by Christina Grof who has gone through a difficult process of her own personal transformation which had started during the delivery of her first child. Having gone through this crisis time together, Stan and Christina have gained invaluable experience of living it through as well as of how to be supportive and accompany a person in such a crisis. Having her own personal experience and understanding how it can be helpful for others, Christina set up Spiritual Emergency Network (SEN) in Esalen in 1980. It was a real breakthrough when such category as “Religious or spiritual problems” was enlisted in DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental disorders, 4th edition).

It was admitted for the first time ever that acute spiritual emergency states can be viewed not as pathology.

During the module we will look at the very concept of “spiritual emergency” and how it is different from the disorders of the medical spectrum as well as consider the ways of safe facilitation in the modern conditions.

Module practice part includes 4 Holotropic Breathwork™ (2 as breather and 2 as sitter). The facilitation of the sessions will be provided by international GTT team: Jean Farrell (Ireland), Holly Harman (UK), Debbie Dunning (UK), Vladimir Emelyanenko (Russia), Alexandra Emelyanenko (Russia), Natalia Zgonnikova (Russia). The module will be in English and Russian (with consecutive interpretation)

This GTT module is for:

-Those who are planning to become certified in Holotropic Breathwork™ and use this method as professional tool (read more about GTT program);

-Those who use Holotropic Breathwork™ for self-exploration, inner transformation and therapy and would like to undertake their inner journey in a retreat format with the best GTT facilitators from all over the world;

-Those who are already certified and aim to continue their personal and professional growth

We care about the atmosphere of the module and safety of the participants, prior experience of Holotropic Breathwork™ with certified practitioners is mandatory.

The module will be held in Park Drakino, Moscow region. Accommodation is provided in double-standard rooms with 3 buffet meals per day. Odd number of participants can be accommodated in triple-standard room. Accommodation of a higher comfort category is possible upon individual request provided that the rooms are available.

To take part in this module you need to send us your application to mail@groftraining.com. We will contact you and send you the payment and registration information (medical form, payment details). If you have any questions, call us +7 (926) 318-2000. If your call is not answered for some reason, we will call you back later.

The earlybird price for foreign participants is 1200 USD if 50% prepayment is made before February, 20th and 1300 USD if paid after February, 20th.

The price includes participation fee, 3 buffet meals per day, coffee breaks and accommodation in double-standard room from March, 12th (check in at 9.00) till March 17th (check-out before 15.00, lunch is included) - 5 nights.

When planning your arrival, please note that on March, 12th we start at 10.30, and on March, 17th finish at 14.00.

Welcome to Russia, we will be glad to meet with you in March at GTT Russia module.