GTT Requirements

The Grof Transpersonal Training program for certification in Holotropic Breathwork consists of a set of requirements to be met in order to become a certified HB practitioner. These include attending six-day training modules; participating in workshops with certified HB facilitators; individual consultations with certified HB practitioners; attending a closing intensive; and (for those who wish to lead workshops) apprenticing at workshops led by certified practitioners. 
The specifics of these requirements are as follows.
I Modules Seven (7) six-day modules, four on mandatory topics and three on elective topics. Modules can be taken in any order.
A. Mandatory modules are:
1 The Power Within (formerly The Practice of Holotropic Breathwork, Part A)
2 Music and Transcendence (formerly The Practice of Holotropic Breathwork, Part B)
3 The Holotropic Paradigm: The Psyche, The Inner Healer and Moving Towards Wholeness
4 Spiritual Emergency: Understanding and Working With the Crises of Transformation

B. Elective modules are offered on a variety of topics. You would choose three of these in order to meet this requirement.

II Breathwork Sessions in Addition to Required Modules. Ten (10) experiences of Holotropic Breathwork in a workshop setting, where you are both a sitter and a breather, led by a certified Holotropic Breathwork practitioner. This workshop should include preparation by the facilitator and integration of the experience. This requirement can also be fulfilled by attending additional modules beyond the seven required. For a list of certified practitioners, contact the GTT office. A partial list is also available on the website of the Association for Holotropic Breathwork International (AHBI)

III. Individual Consultations. Ten (10) hours of individual consultations with certified Holotropic Breathwork practitioners over the course of your training. These are arranged by you with the practitioner directly, for an agreed-upon fee. GTT staff members generally charge $75 per hour.
A. At least three of these consultation hours will be done within a mentorship program in the training, with an assigned GTT staff member. The purpose of the mentorship is for personal guidance in the training, feedback about your progress and recommendations for any additional personal work we might expect you to do.
B. Six with any certified HB practitioner of your choice, including but not limited to GTT staff members. During these sessions, you will have the opportunity to discuss issues related to your personal process, as well as practical aspects of Holotropic Breathwork. It is not necessary that you do all six of these hours with the same facilitator.
C. One (1) music consultation in which you have put together a complete set of Holotropic Breathwork music and go over it with a GTT staff member. This would be done after you have attended mandatory module 2 and by the time you have completed all requirements. Please contact GTT for a list of approved staff.

IV Apprenticeships: four (4) apprenticeships. Apprenticeship is the opportunity to practice facilitation at a workshop under the supervision of a certified Holotropic Breathwork practitioner. The requirement is the equivalent of four (4) one-day workshops. A workshop consists of two HB sessions, where participants breathe and sit, and includes preparation by the facilitator and integration of the experience. You can apprentice any time after the completion of three modules, one of which is the bodywork module.

V Two Years in Training. In the interest of your personal growth as well as your growth as a facilitator, we require a minimum of two years in the training, beginning from the time you take your first GTT module. For clarification, please see the attached letter from Stan and Christina Grof.

VI. Closing Certification Intensive. Approximately every two years, we offer the certification intensive for those who have completed all the requirements stated above, and also meet the criteria listed below for becoming a Holotropic Breathwork practitioner. This special two‐week Intensive is a culmination of your personal and collective journey through the training. You will also have the opportunity to demonstrate your proficiency as a practitioner. Participants who successfully complete this program will be given a certificate confirming that they underwent training in Holotropic Breathwork and Transpersonal Psychology. This certificate in itself does not represent a therapeutic license; certified practitioners conducting therapy must meet the requirements for practice in their respective states or countries.

I acknowledge that, in addition to completing the basic requirements for certification in Holotropic Breathwork, I must also demonstrate proficiency in:
1. A theoretical understanding of the Holotropic perspective and transpersonal psychology.
2. Knowledge and practice of Holotropic Focused Release Work.
3. The theory of how music is used in Holotropic Breathwork, and creating a set of music for a Holotropic session.
4 Facilitating and leading Holotropic groups.

I must also demonstrate a certain level of psychological and spiritual maturity that allows me to work with others in a safe and respectful manner, within the spirit and guidelines of Holotropic Breathwork. I have read the “Principles of Holotropic Breathwork” and understand that these are the guidelines that define Grof Transpersonal Training.



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