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Grof Legacy Training Program in China (GLT China)

2023 is the year of launching GLT training in China. The first module Grofian Psychology is scheduled on November 7th-12th in Chengdu. We are extremely excited to be part of this meaningful and demanded event.

The training program includes:

  • In-module experience of Grof breathwork: 36 sessions total (18 as the breather and 18 as the sitter).
  • Additional Grof breathwork experience: 10 sessions as the sitter and 10 sessions as the breather.
  • 10 consultations with certified GLT trainers, at least 6 of them with the teaching team.
  • Apprentice experience of facilitating (working under supervision) at 5 practical workshops (after 3 training modules, including Bodywork module).
  • Theoretical part includes the main textbook “The way of the Psychonaut” by Stan Grof, video lectures, additional recommended materials.
  • Certification intensive. Participation for those who completed the requirements (allowed are those who miss not more than 2 theoretical modules and not more than 30% of other requirements. In this case the person showing good theoretical and practical skills is certified conditionally with receiving the paper certificate after completion of all requirements). The skills of the participants should include theoretical (Grof theory, ethics, therapeutical basics) and practical part (instructing new breathers, relaxation, music set, sharing circle, floating, bodywork, teamwork, receiving feedback). Participants present the essay about their holotropic way in the free form including mandalas.

The training modules can be taken in any order from any authorized teacher from GLT. The duration of the program should be not less than 3 years before the certification intensive. The decision about certification is made by the whole team after the full assessment of the skills shown and the level of personal maturity. The certification does not substitute the general psychological education, successful certification allows the person to work as a GLT facilitator and not to conduct his/her own GLT training program, all the GLT trainers are approved by Stanislav and Brigitte Grof. The professional work as a CLT facilitator should be adjusted with all the legal and administrative requirements of the country of work.

Local GLT China team, invited GLT trainers Vladimir EmelianenkoAlexandra Emelianenko, invited facilitator Natalia Zgonnikova.